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Cake Decoration

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cake decoration? do u know how to make small banana/carrot for cake decoration? where can i get marzipan? does it eatable? what the diff marzipan & foundant?

How can I keep a marzipan cake decoration looking good? I am looking for a cake decoration for my daughters first birthday and the one I like is made from Marzipan. Is it possible to keep it looking good as I want to keep it for her for when she is older. Thanks.

How To Decorate Cake

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How should I decorate my husband's birthday cake? It's my dh's birthday today. I love to decorate cakes but I'm just not getting any inspiration for this year's cake. Any good ideas for a 32 year old man? He likes the outdoors: hiking, running, scenic drives. We live in the mountains and he loves the mountains. Need ideas - pictures of actual cakes even better!!!

Looking for website, that gives detail on how to decorate cake? Im learning how to decorate using icing not fondant and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that have pictures of unique cake ideas and then shows you step by step how to recreate. No videos please, prefer pictures. Links to sites would be awesome

Cake Decorating Ideas

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Cake decorating ideas? I am entering a cake decorating contest with my school. The problem is there is no theme so I dont know how to decorate it. Any ideas are very much appreciated! I was told to keep it simple but i really want to win!

cake decorating ideas? Ok, so I have to decorate a stop-sign shaped cake. Any ideas of how to decorate it other than like a stop sign? Its for my father-in-laws 55th birthday. My kids are helping to decorate it.

Cake Castle

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Im looking for a wedding cake that has horse and carriage going up road all the way around the cake to castle? I'm looking for a picture of a wedding cake with horse and carrage on a road going all the way around the cake to the top of a castle cake topper. I really need some help with this, if anyone has any ideas on where to look i would be so greatful! Thanks

How to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake? I am trying to get ideas on how to make a Little Mermaid Under the Sea Sand Castle Cake that is half cake and half rice crispy treats. The only characters I want is Flounder, Sebastian, and Ariel. I want it to be colorful because it is going to be a beach party for my little girl who will be turning 3. If anyone has any ideas or picture that they would like to share please contact me at

Cake Ideas

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cake ideas? ok i have to work with what i have.i just put a strawberry mix in a bunt cake tin and its in the oven.i want to put somw thing in the middle where the hole fuirt or something and on top of thae cake.anyone have any ideas of what i can do and also what kinda frosting should i use.thanks

Cake Ideas? I was going to make my dad a cake out of this cook book that I saw at the library but I didn't get it (the cookbook). I went back to the library to get it the next day and it wasn't there so I need ideas of cool cakes that I can make. I want something special not just a plain chocolate cake. the one that I thought was cool in the cookbook was a spiral cake where it was a circle cake but it had two different colors of spirals. Another idea I had was to make a checkered cake. Is it really hard or what? I need all the ideas that I can get. Thanks!

Princess Cake

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Where can I find a Strawberry Shortcake princess cake topper? Or what can I use instead? My soon to be three year old picked Strawberry Shortcake to be her theme this year. No biggie, except its the one from "Dress up Days", so she looks like a princess. So again my question is where can I find a Strawberry Shortcake princess cake topper? Or what can I use instead? I looked at party stores and they don't have a princess one. Thanks for your help.

How many people does the Disney Princess cake pan approximately feed? I am baking a birthday cake for my niece with the Disney Princess theme. I want to purchase the Disney Princess Cake pan but I don't know how many people it feeds.

Kids Cake

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Have you ever let your kids eat cake for breakfast? They usually have a rather well balanced diet (before I get jumped on) but I have this gorgeous, delectable, gooey, moist (!), chocolate cake leftover from my birthday and I can't bear to throw the rest of it out. So the kiddo's had cake for breakfast, with strawberry yogurt and milk, lol. Have you ever just said "What the hey" and fed your kids cake for breakfast? Thank you for sharing in our silly morning =).

What happened to the old australian ice-cream cake kids use to have in the 80's? It use to have pink roses with green leaves and was I think made by Peters ice-cream. Now all they have is the Freddo ice-cream cake or the other ice-cream cake which has a few sprinkles on it.

Cake Decorator

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How do you become a cake decorator? I am taking the Wilton classes of course. What's the next step after that? Are there such things a cake decorating aprentices? Or do you just roll into Kroger and apply to be a decorator?

How can I create a Cake Decorator Portfolio? What should I include beside the pictures? I have a lot of experience as a cake decorator. I'm working on making a portfolio, but I don't know what to include in it. Ex. Resume, Letter of reference, pictures, cover letter, or this is not necessary.

Wedding Cakes

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Wedding Cakes? Hi, i dont know if anybody can help... Im trying to find a college course on making wedding cakes and i've had no luck. I just wondered if anybody knows of any courses etc Thank you for your help :) x ( I live in Leicester )

wedding cakes? im making a cake for my moms friends wedding. i need some good recipies but cant find any. please help me find a good yet fency recipie.

Candy Cake

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I need an original recipe for a candy, cake, pie, or cookie made with peanuts!!!? I want to try to stay away from the usual, like peanut butter cookies, peanut butter pie.... Any candy, cookie, pie, or cake made with peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil is acceptable.

What do you think of this Candy Cake idea? I know I asked this question before, but I want some other ideas. Me and my one friend are having this cooking contest at her dad's party on Teusday, and 3 friends of hers and I are going to make 2 or three cakes for the party. I was thinking of like Putting down some chocholate graham crackers, then melt some Reeses peanut butter cups, then, mix some crunched up Twixes up with the Reeses, then, put some 3 Musketeers on, and then put some whipped cream on it? I know (for those of you who already read/answered this question), that I changed it up a bit, but o well. I wanted to make individual cake things, so then It would be easier to make. What do you think? Does it sound good? Please leave suggestions. Execpt things about Twinkies. Please make the recipe short enough that I can make it in about an hour. Sorry, wrong section.

Elmo Cake

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ideas how to make bday cake with dora AND elmo? I'd like to make my daughter a bday cake with both dora and elmo on it (sheet cake, 2 tiered, whatever) BUT... I have absolutly no creativity, so i'm racking my brain for ideas on how to put one together, but i'm coming up with nothing. could you people possibly give me ideas on how to do this? and yes i've searched google, i can find dora cakes, and elmo cakes, but not the two combined.

I need help with making an elmo cake? I am going to attempt to make my daughter an elmo cake for her 2nd birthday. I had the idea of making a sheet cake and then making a round cake of elmo's face and setting it in the center of the sheet cake. However, I don't know how to go about doing this. Do I need to place something inbetween the cakes? If so, what?

Baby Shower Cake

The Essential Guide to Planning a Baby Shower resize3tierDiaperCake jpg Baby Shower Cake Colorful Bugs 2 Tiers Diaper Cake  Baby Shower Centerpiece  Personalized cake551a jpg Baby Shower Cake   White Cake with Vanilla filling covered in polka dot diaper cake 2 jpg Baby Shower Cake   Chocolate Cake with chocolate mousse filling

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Can you help me with baby shower cake inscriptions? I'm throwing my sister a baby shower (baby boy) with the theme "Jungle Friends". Can you help me to find good inscriptions for a baby shower cake?

What is the most you would spend on a baby shower cake? Just a personal opinion question... How much would you spend on a baby shower cake that feeds about 60 people? What do you think is a suitable price?